Connexa Energy's internal team has over 27 years experience in buoy design, lantern design, and marine solar power systems.  CE's tight quality standards and excellent customer support make it a trusted brand in the industry.  Connexa Energy strives to provide products with the lastest, most efficient, and most robust technologies available. 

Connexa maintains an on-staff, bilingual team providing our international clients an excellent buying experience.  With several international logistics partners, CE can deliver international, on time. 

Connexa's signature buoys include Buoyont Beacon, BL-620, and BL-826.  CE's lanterns all feature only the latest in LED technology.  With combined 50+ years team design experience, Connexa is the leader in solar power systems for hazardous, marine, and general industrial environments.  Connexa maintains a large stock in Texas ensuring its customers the support they expect.

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